Our Team

Akansha Raghav

Accounts Executive

Ms. Akansha graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. She has over three years of experience in accounting. She has excellent knowledge of GST, Income Tax Compliance, and Financial Transactions, she analyses financial data and generates financial reports. She works reliably and has complete dedication to her responsibilities. She has also done bank internal audits and company audits while doing CA Articleship.

Dr. Ahmad

Computational Biologist

Dr. Ahmad has completed his Ph.D. in systems biology from ICGEB, New Delhi. Ahmad has extensive experience in metabolic modeling and flux balance analysis (FBA). He is interested in exploring cellular metabolism using systems biology and AI/ML driven approaches to solve challenging biomedical and biotechnological problems.

Balam Singh

Lab Technician

Mr. Balam  Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in medical laboratory technology (BMLT) in 2016. He joined Dr. Sushila Tiwari Hospital & Government medical college as a trainee Lab technician also worked with Dr. Lal Path Labs Ltd. He is a quality-focused medical laboratory technologist with excellent technical skills gained through hands-on experience within various health service providers’ laboratories. He handled various high tech instruments. He has over five years of experience, performs all laboratory test procedures with expedience, attention to detail, and optimum quality. Passionate for enhancing global human health by contributing to diagnostics improvement and disease prevention.

Dr. Shweta Grewal

Head – Marketing & Business Development

A dynamic professional with over 15 years of experience in domains such as strategy planning, marketing, team building & corporate communications.

Dr. Gulshan Yadav

Consultant Pathologist

After obtaining his MD in Pathology in 2007, Dr. Yadav has developed a wealth of expertise through working in, or consulting for, a variety of diagnostic laboratories and premier hospitals. These include Lotus Hospital, Sethi Hospital, MolQ Lab, Jain Diagnostic, Super Religare Laboratory, Modern Diagnostic and Research, Diagno Laboratory, and NSG Commando Force among others. His areas of expertise include Microbiology, Serology, and Histopathology. He is also well versed with all quality management systems as per the NABL guidelines.

Ankur Gupta

Head- Data Analytics

Mr. Ankur Gupta earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee in 2014. He later became a research fellow at the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), where he focused on the computational paradigm for the host-pathogen interaction during mycobacterial pathogenesis. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Jadavpur University. Ankur specializes in AI and machine learning development as well as operations areas, with a keen interest in healthcare and drug discovery. He currently leads an AI team that provides end-to-end AI solutions to modern conundrums in disease diagnostics and drug discovery.

Zaved Siddiqui

Head- Clinical Research

Descending from a Botany background, Mr. Zaved Siddiqui also holds a Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. He is a multifarious personality with multiple area of virtuosity in Cell biology, Molecular biology, Clinical Diagnostics, Wound Care Management, Infectious biology and Forensic sciences. He has both Product Management acumen and Technical expertise. He was designated as a Junior Scientist (Molecular Diagnostics) with Dr. Lal Pathlabs. He has also served as a Research Associate, Immunology group of the International centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) for 17 years before working as a Senior Cell Technologist at the Drug Discovery Research Centre at THSTI between 2017-2019. He has consequential publications in Cell, Nature Immunology, Journal of Immunology, Genome Research, Journal of Biochemistry etc. He is a recipient of first runner-up of Merck Millipore India Innovation awards 2012.

Dr. Najmuddin Saquib

Head- Metabolomics Research

Dr. Najmuddin Mohd Saquib has done a Ph.D. in System Biology from ICGEB, New Delhi. He later worked at Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Mumbai, as a Research Scientist (Manager). Saquib has extensive experience in designing and operating the analytical framework for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. He is a skilled professional in data analysis for large data sets for various “omics” such as metabolomics, proteomics, and lipidomics. He is a recipient of Reliance’s Science and Technology award for his numerous scientific contributions to biosimilar and bioenergy projects.

Ganga Sagar

Senior Technical Assistant

Mr. Ganga graduated with a B.Tech degree in 2015. He joined ICGEB(International center for genetic engineering and biotechnology), New Delhi as a Technical Assistant in 2015-2016. After completing the project, he joined THSTI (Translational Health Science and technology institute) as a Technical Assistant where he handled many High tech instruments (HTS, inCell 6000, Odyssey LI-COR CLX) and was involved in many bio assay experiments in cell culture lab. After completing the project, he joined THSTI as a Junior Research fellow.

Vivek Singh Adhikari

Software Engineer

Mr. Vivek holds a Master’s degree in computer Application. He is experienced in multiple computer tech domains. He has excellent knowledge in web development and Data Analysis (python, Django, JS, and many other latest technologies based ML AI). He is also an expert in Website development, database and backend management with the latest knowledge of many computer languages and technologies like Python, MySQL, SQLITE, CSS, Html, Node JS, Ajax and many more. He works reliably and has a complete dedication towards his responsibilities. Being a proactive learner he loves to learn and apply new skills. He is experienced in Django Framework and in making fast real-time web applications. He works great with conceptualized, designed and developed preloaded web applications.

Pradeep Kumar

Senior Administrative Manager

Mr. Pradeep holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has over five years of well-rounded experience in managing research laboratories. He has worked in reputed scientific institutions and his expertise spans both organizational and administrative aspects of laboratory functioning. He is a dynamic young individual with a good understanding of the administrative needs of scientific organizations, and a strong drive to ensure smooth and efficient functioning. Anticipating hindrances, and addressing them in a proactive manner, is another of his key strengths.

Chanchal S. Kukreja

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Chanchal is a multifaceted personality who is passionate about controls and compliance with business process excellence, solid leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Being results-driven, she has proven expertise in fundraising and networking with banks, financial institutions, and other agencies. Chanchal’s strong skills also extend to envisioning growth strategies and business development of companies. She has worked in senior managerial capacities in companies such as Vita Sana Foods Pvt. Ltd, Coral Drugs Pvt. Ltd, Dunar Foods Ltd., and Veetee Fine Foods. She was also Founder Member and Executive Director of Hain Celestial India Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Kanury V S Rao

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Kanury served as Senior Scientist and Head, Immunology Group of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) for over 25 years before establishing the Drug Discovery Research Centre at THSTI between 2015 to 2017. He has made significant contributions in diverse areas that include immunology, cell, and molecular biology, infectious disease biology, systems biology, and drug discovery. He has publications in leading scientific journals such as Cell, Nature Immunology, EMBO, PNAS, etc. He is the recipient of several awards including the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award, Millennium Medal, Ranbaxy Research Award, etc.