Drug Discovery

While new insights into disease pathogenesis continue to accumulate, translation of this into therapeutic benefits remains a daunting task. A limiting cause in the early-stage drug discovery process is the fact that biological systems are extremely complex, and that disease processes emanate from perturbations in biomolecular networks rather than single genes or proteins.

The complexity of biological systems, coupled with their non-linear behavior, presents the single most intimidating challenge for target discovery – and subsequent new drug development – today. To address this challenge, PTPL has developed a composite platform, DRUID, that integrates an array of approaches to facilitate drug target identification on the one hand, and drug development on the other.

DRUID is a complete end-to-end platform that covers the entire spectrum from data analysis to drug target identification, and from drug target identification to the delineation of the candidate drug. Its modular architecture makes it versatile, and it can be readily adapted to meet specific customer needs.